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Agent Monitoring


Australian Institute of Engineering shall monitor the Education Agent activities to ensure the Education Agent is acting in the best interests of the RTO, the student, and the Australian education system. This monitoring process is outlined as follows:


All Education Agents must submit a report of their activities once per month. This report is to outline the promotional activities that have been undertaken on behalf of the RTO and include any students that have been contacted or recruited to enrol with the RTO. (E-mail will suffice)


All Education Agents will be required to undertake an annual review. Where practical a face to face meeting will be organised to review the agent’s activities but will normally only occur with onshore agents based in Melbourne. Where a face to face meeting is not appropriate the RTO will conduct an internal review of the agent’s activities. The reviews will include:

  • Overview of current practices and relationship with the RTO
  • Ensuring current marketing materials are being used
  • Ensuring representation of the RTO is appropriate
  • Discussion of any issues or concerns with the agent or appropriate staff


The review will be undertaken by the CEO. Minutes of any meetings or notes of internal reviews will be taken and kept on the agents file.


Further monitoring of Education Agents activities and conduct with prospective students will be gained through feedback collected from students upon enrolment. Through the course orientation students will be asked to complete a survey in relation to their dealings with Education Agents that represent the RTO.


This process ensures that any issues relating to Education Agents providing misleading or dishonest information to prospective students is identified and can be addressed.


Any issues that are identified will be discussed in the Senior Management Meetings and if required, discussed with the particular Education Agent. This meeting / discussion will to be documented and kept on the Education Agents file.


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