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MEM20105 Certificate II in Engineering

Australian Institute of Engineering is a Registered Training Organisation delivering Nationally Recognised Training. We have a commitment to helping people achieve their learning goals, in a fun and supportive learning environment. This qualification covers the skills and knowledge required of workers employed as Engineering/manufacturing Employees -Level III as defined in the Manufacturing and Associated Industries and Occupations Award or in related industries where Engineering/ Manufacturing Employees work.

The qualification has been specifically developed to reflect the minimum training requirement specified in the Award for employment in the above occupation. The qualification packaging has been developed on an assumption that competency will be developed through a combination of on and off-the-job learning strategies such as those delivered through a formal traineeship.

The qualification may also be achieved through formal skills recognition assessment processes. This qualification is suitable for VET in Secondary Schools (VSS).

Pathways from the qualification MEM30319 Certificate Ill in Engineering - Fabrication Trade, MEM30219 Certificate Ill in Engineering - Mechanical Trade, MEM30719 Certificate Ill in marine Craft Construction, MEM31119 Cer tificate Ill in Engineering- Composites Trade and MEM31719 Certificate Ill in Casting and moulding.

Students must be employed in the engineering and or manufacturing industry to be prepared for this course, we recommend that you have:

  • Completed Year 10 of high school
  • A good understanding of math and English
  • A Nationally Recognised qualification upon successful completion of the course
  • Fun and flexible delivery of training and assessment by experienced industry trainers and assessors
  • The opportunity to choose a career path through recognised qualifications
  • Learning of new skills
  • Develop your existing skills further, or have your existing skills recognised with a nationally recognised qualification
  • Meet new people and gain confidence in your employment skills

This qualification covers the skills and knowledge required of workers employed as Engineering/manufacturing Employees -Level III as defined in the Manufacturing and Associated Industries and Occupations Award or in related industries where Engineering/ Manufacturing Employees work.

Operator-production worker or operator-process worker at level C12 under the Metal, Engineering and Associated Industries Award.

All students must undertake a LL&N assessment as part of the enrollment process. Credit may be granted towards this qualification by those who have completed relevant qualifications.

The assessments include theory and practical tasks and will be clearly documented in the assessment documents. Assessments will include tasks such as written questions, practical demonstrations and workplace evidence reports.

This program is to be delivered through facilitated online training sessions occurring fortnightly (2 hours) and practical skills training will occur through a minimum of 3-4 face to face visits at the student's workplace.

For practical components/ skills, the Trainer will coordinate with the employer to ensure access to suitable environments for practical training to occur.

Learners will also be supplied with Learner Guides for each unit delivered and will work through the learning activities during self-study time. Learning activities will give learners the opportunity to practice and prepare for assessments.

Learners will have the opportunity to apply and test their new knowledge and skills through their employment and on-the-job training within their business.

Course Requirements:

The minimum requirements for achievement of the Certificate II in Engineering are:

  • completion of all of the mandatory units of competency listed below, and
  • completion of specialisation units to the value of at least 30 points.

Points associated with prerequisites count towards the total. Note that up to 6 points value of units of competency may be drawn from other endorsed Training Packages where those units are available for inclusion at Certificate II. Only select units that would be suitable for occupational outcomes in a manufacturing, engineering or related environment.

The total Nominal Hours for the sequence listed below is 370. The total nominal hours for this qualification will vary depending on the elective units selected.

Students need to complete Seventeen (17) units of competency, consisting of:

  • 5 Core units
  • 12 Elective units

Core Units

Unit codeUnit title
MEM13014AApply principles of health and safety in work environment
MEM14004APlan to undertake a routine task
MEM15002AApply quality systems
MEM15024AApply quality procedures
MEM16007AWork with others in a manufacturing, engineering or related environment

Elective Units

MEM05005BCarry out mechanical cutting
MEM05012CPerform routine manual metal arc welding
MEM05013CPerform manual production welding
MEM05049BPerform routine gas tungsten arc welding
MEM05050BPerform routine gas metal arc welding
MEM09002BInterpret technical drawing
MEM11011BUndertake manual handling
MEM11016BOrder materials
MEM12023APerform engineering measurements
MEM12024APerform computations
MEM18001CUse hand tools
MEM18002BUse power tools/hand held operations

Please note:

*The above units have listed pre-requisite units that are listed within the Training Package and the AIE Engineering Qualifications Overview. All elective units are included and accounted for within the unit selection and order of delivery.

This course has been designed to be delivered over 12 Months.

Costs for this program are as follows:

Admin fees: $300

Tuition fees: $5500

Material & Equipment fees: $500

Total: $6250

(Above tuition fees apply for admission by direct entry.)

Cost for eligible students: - Government Subsidised Place:

Tuition fees: $1116.00

Material & Equipment fees: $180.00

Total: $1296

(Above tuition fees apply for admission by direct entry.)

Refund arrangements are provided within the Student Information Handbook and must be read and understood prior to enrolment.

Our expert team will carefully assess your experience including past qualifications, relevant skills, and industry knowledge. Information about your knowledge and experience will be aligned to the relevant components of the qualification. You will receive recognition for the units or modules in which you have demonstrated either competency or similarity of learning outcomes, and you will only need to complete any remaining units to receive the qualification.

To apply for RPL simply submit an enquiry so we can provide you with the appropriate application form. Along with this form you will also need to supply any relevant documentation that supports your application including existing qualifications and evidence of your previous roles.

The cost for RPL in a VET course will vary depending on the number of units of competency you successfully gain recognition for, the fee structure of the course and any assessment or training required. You will be provided with an approximate cost for your unique situation when you apply.

Australian Institute Of Engineering as a Registered Training Organisation recognises the Australian Qualifications Framework qualifications and Statement of Attainments issued by any other Australian Registered Training Organisation.

Students are encouraged to submit any requests for credit from previous studies at the time of enrolment, to ensure they are not enrolling in units they may not need to undertake.

In order to apply for exemption/credit transfer from units completed at another training organisation, you will need to complete an Application for credit transfer Form available from AIE campus, or team, or a copy of the form can be obtained from AIE Website.

Your completed Application for credit transfer form together with attached documentary evidence (certified copy of Qualification/Statement of Attainment) to support your request for exemption/credit transfer should be submitted directly to AIE either in person or by email. Requests without documentary evidence will not be processed and will be returned to students. There are no fees attached to Credit Transfers.

AIE encourages all, students to look at apprenticeship as a career option. Further information can be obtained by talking to our friendly staff.

Our expert team will assist you with the steps to enrol to undertake training in this qualification.

To apply and enrol in this course with Australian Institute of Engineering, please contact Brett Ambrosio.

Email :

Contact our friendly team at Australian Institute of Engineering at:

Australian Institute of Engineering


Head Office (Melbourne Campus)

60 Belfast Street,


Telephone: +61 3 9302 1296


"This training is delivered with Victoria and South Australia government funding".

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